Jan Westphal [WES]

Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Flight Operation Officer (FOO), Co-Chief Operation Officer (CCOO), Public Relation Manager (PR), Corporate Design Manager (CDM)


Here’s your colleague Jan speaking. Since lunafly’s foundation I am the CEO, responsible for personal rosters, flight planning, design, PR and always lending an ear open for everyone. Happy landings!

Jonas Brand [BRA]

Chief Operation Officer (COO), Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Co-Flight Operation Officer (CFOO)


Hey there! I am Jonas, one of the first to initiate lunafly and kindly available to assume any matters regarding our Flight Ops, especially issuing the virtual payrolls for pilots.

Moritz Trefflich [TRE]

Webadvisor, Event Manager, Co-Flight Operation Officer (CFOO), Co-Chief Operation Officer (CCOO)


Hey folks! This is your pilot speaking. My name is Moritz and I am representing the VA continuously developing the website and playing a role in Flight Ops as well.

Philipp Piesch [PIE]

Co-Chief Operation Officer (CCOO), Co-Flight Operation Officer (CFOO)


Hey y'all! I'm Philipp and responsible for the fluent procedure taking into account any matter of Flight Ops. It's great that you found us!

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