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Welcome to lunafly - a brandnew virtual airline founded in 2020. We are a non-commercial group of young aviation enthusiasts developing our airline by heart and with ambition.

How do we differentiate from other VAs?

We are the first to initiate a realtime flightplan system called "Realtime Program". As a participant you will get unlimited access to a monthly revised aircraft schedule being one of the responsible pilots who ensure a punctual fleet management - of course regarding you free time available. For more information do not hesitate to contact info@lunafly-airline.de. In our "Basic Program" we are offering a free flight program in which you individually will be allowed to fly our therefore reserved fleet without any specified schedule.

And what costs will be incurred for me?

One simple question - one simple answer. Nothing. Due to our honorary work we gladly feel appropriate for passion. We weigh fun as the biggest benefit, so profit becomes a very irrelevant aspect.

 صورت وضعیت

خلبانان 9
هواپیماهای موجود در ناوگان 13
مسیرها 12309
مجموع ساعت پروازی: 231:57
مجموع پرواز ها 110
پرواز های عادی 76
پرواز های چارتر 34
درصد پرواز های عادی 69.09 %

 آخرین پرواز ها

کد کاربریخلبانمبداءمقصدتاریخمدت پرواز
LUN100 [WES]Jan Westphal  EDDB  LOWW 03-12-2020 00:50
LUN100 [WES]Jan Westphal  EDDV  EDDB 03-12-2020 00:29
LUN100 [WES]Jan Westphal  LMML  EDDV 02-12-2020 02:23
LUN100 [WES]Jan Westphal  EDDV  LMML 02-12-2020 02:33
LUN528 [KOE]Max Köster  EDDB  EDDF 01-12-2020 00:40

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